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The Forge BVI: Its Mission and Purpose

Entrepreneurship isn’t new for Meade Malone. The CEO of the Forge BVI has been very busy building businesses in the BVI.

Meade Malone


Author of “The Plan – Unlocking God’s Financial Blessing for Your Life” and co-authored “Unbreakable Spirit – Rising Above the Impossible” with motivational speaker Lisa Nichols, Meade has also been a former managing partner of Pricewaterhouse Coopers, along with several governmental positions and is currently managing director of two BVI-based companies, one of which provides virtual services to the business community.


He brings all of this experience and knowledge to the Forge BVI. Members will be able to draw upon this vast wealth of BVI business information as they grow their own companies.


“Our mission at the Forge,” states Meade, “is to draw out the purposes of entrepreneurs’ hearts through transformational training and mentorship within an inspired culture that fosters connectivity and collaboration.”


After meeting BVI entrepreneurs and residents Curt and Nancy Richardson (who also have businesses and a home in Colorado), the idea of bringing coworking to the BVI was germinated. One trip to Colorado to visit Galvanize, an thriving coworking facility with campuses across the United States, sealed the deal. The seed started to grow into a hub for entrepreneurs; a place for them to come to while they cultivate their own businesses.


“Coworking provides an environment for entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams sooner, quicker, faster,” says Meade. He saw the power coworking can bring to the BVI, where sometimes entrepreneurism is “a single minded endeavor, where ‘partnerships are leaky ships’ and the concept of sharing and collaboration doesn’t come naturally.” Meade is a firm believer that goals are more easily achieved through the sharing of ideas and with mutual support for one another. The Forge BVI gives entrepreneurs a safe and nurturing space for all of that to happen.


What’s in a Name?



verb (used with object) forged, forging.

  1. create something strong, during, or successful
  2. move forward or take the lead in a race.

synonyms: advance rapidly, progress quickly, make rapid progress, increase speed


The spirit and mission of the Forge BVI is captured in a single word. “I wasn’t familiar with the word—it didn’t really ring with me,” admits Meade. “But after Curt suggested it, I developed an appreciation for what a forge could be, within the contact of what we’re trying to do.”


Meade sees the Forge BVI being an environment of transformation, just like a traditional forge where metal is heated and objects are created from it. The Forge BVI is the furnace where businesses are created, formed, and shaped. At the same time, is is a place where entrepreneurs forge ahead, propelling their businesses forward toward greater and greater success.


“The Forge bends and shapes entrepreneurs’ raw talent into something that is hopefully sustainable and makes a contribution to the world, while they are moving closer and closer to fulfilling their dreams” he explains. “It happens all at the same time, and all in the same word.”


Ultimately, It’s All About Community


When it’s all said and done, the Forge BVI is about community. It’s a community of peers, all working to achieve the same thing: success as an entrepreneur and business owner. It’s a community that offers mentorship, training, access to funding opportunities, and most of all, a sense that entrepreneurs are not going it alone.


“I can’t stress the sense of community strongly enough.” Meade is emphatic. “The community, the collaboration, the connectivity—it all comes together at the Forge.”



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